17 Of The Loudest Sounds Known To The Human Ear

17 Of The Loudest Sounds Known To The Human Ear

The world’s biggest snitch is a plastic cake container.


Waking up in a panic to those ’90s album compilation commercials when you’re fast asleep.


Opening one of these stupid plastic containers and having the entire county know that you’re goin’ in for your third piece of cake.

1, Why this thing so hard to open? 2, they loud as hell. The whole country know you trying to get a piece of cake

09:38 AM – 26 Nov 2019


Dropping a shampoo bottle while you’re showering and having someone knock on the door asking if you’re still alive.

accidentally dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower and being startled by the loudest noise on planet earth like

08:10 PM – 03 Aug 2014


The microwave beeping at 2 a.m. in a house full of people sleeping all ’cause you wanted a Hot Pocket.

When you really want pizza rolls but your roommate is asleep and the microwave is soooo loud

11:14 PM – 30 Sep 2014


And forgetting to avoid that one creaky floorboard while you crept your way to the kitchen.


A dad sneezing like he’s exorcising a demon within him.


And a dad pacing around the house while talking (aka basically shouting) on the phone. Bonus points if he’s got the phone on speaker.


Getting your eardrums blown out by the THX sound effect.


Eating some chips while you try and understand what anyone on the TV is saying.


Opening a can of soda in the middle of a quiet room and having everyone stare you down like you just killed someone.

Why is opening a can of soda ALWAYS the LOUDEST thing ever. I could be at a rock concert and my soda can opening would still be the loudest

12:48 AM – 24 Apr 2015


Hell, opening any type of food as discreetly as possible always means you’re gonna make too much damn noise. I’m lookin’ at you, SunChips.

can’t wait for the directors cut if A Quiet Place where it just adds 54 minutes of John Krasinski trying to open a bag of sunchips

08:27 AM – 13 Apr 2018


Accidentally flicking a door stopper and continually hearing its aftershocks 10 minutes later.

When you accidentally kick your doorstop and it makes that loud TWANNNNNGGGG noise. https://t.co/VgDvGICz3j

06:25 PM – 09 Mar 2020


Getting a pot or pan out of the cupboard that’s filled with other pots and pans and making it sound like you’re putting on your own production of Stomp.

wife *finally falls asleep*
me *opens cupboard door* *every single fucking pot and pan falls out*

04:21 AM – 01 Dec 2017


An AirPod alerting you in the most aggressive and traumatizing way that its about to die.


Flushing the toilet in the dead of night, ESPECIALLY at a house that isn’t your own.

If you were a child and weren’t afraid of flushing the toilet in the middle of the night you have the same vibe as the daughter from Hereditary

09:10 PM – 19 Jul 2019


Your rumbling stomach ONLY when you’re in a silent, crowded room.

All I remember from my exams is my stomach rumbling the whole time and being scared everyone could hear it haha

08:02 PM – 13 May 2014


And finally, loud microphone feedback followed by a person awkwardly saying, “Sorry about that,” before they make the mic do it again.

It’s not an important speech in a high school gymnasium unless there’s microphone feedback.

05:44 PM – 22 Dec 2012

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